[FoRK] guns, butter, or research into pork substitutes?

Robert Harley <robert.harley at gmail.com> on Thu Dec 20 17:52:53 PST 2007

>PS: Got my OLPC laptop.

I'm prolaby one of the first to receive one!!! :)

1. I took some pics but wanted to get a couple of it doing useful
things... easier said than done.
The interface is original to say the least and comes with zero doc.
Got some stuff happening e.g., brought up Google.  But search didn't happen.
"Navigation" is... AHEM... non-intuitive.

2. Ob-rant: We spent the first half of the 90's making pooters better
by getting mice to actually work!
Those who thought progress was all HD capacity or CPU MHz or whatever
were misled.
We've spent the last 10 years downgrading to shitty touch pads, clits,
optical mice etc. that barely function.

Justaposition of 1 and 2 is purely fortuitous.  Or not.

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