Confession Re: [FoRK] "Peace and Love"

Jeff Bone <jbone at> on Thu Dec 20 21:33:42 PST 2007

On Dec 20, 2007, at 8:44 PM, Sat N wrote:

> Here is a word of the day for you:
> Intellectualization [1]
> [1]:

Just to carve things up into little Sat-sized pieces:

My objection to Dr. Ernie's equating my attempt at reasoning from  
observation with his *beliefs* is "epistemological" in nature ---  
they are fundamentally different processes, regardless of how  
desperately he, you, or any other "apologist" for faith might wish  
those processes weren't different.

The ontological problem is a problems are many, but among others the  
issue I'm objecting to is the assumption that his *conclusions* have  
the same basis in reality as mine, *given* different assumptions.   
I.e., he can happily skip past anyone's utilitarian reasoning around  
existential risks since he doesn't have to admit that rational,  
statistical extrapolation from observation has a different status  
from foregone conclusions extrapolated from faith.

Now, I realize I've thrown a bunch of jargon at you here, but just to  

   - epistemology is about how we know what we know;  it's the heart  
of the argument against faith
   - ontology is about the metaphysical status, i.e. (non-)existence  
or reality of, the subject of consideration
   - existential risk:  you "faith" fuckers are going to blow up the  
fucking planet, get it?
   - ...and you whistle past the graveyard because your learning  
mechanism is fucked, see?

...and that irritates me just a little bit.

Okay, that's your lesson for today.  Now go back to playing Robin to  
Dr. Ernie's Caped Crusader. It's awfully cute.


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