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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Dec 21 18:40:53 PST 2007

I think we're pretty varied.  Either a subset of us could jump into a 
particular area or concept, mine might be AI / robotics / efficient data 
architectures / Pipes NG / {presence/IM/Email/Wiki/Blog/etc./semantic} 
NG, or we go for something orthogonal that we can all contribute to in 
our various ways.  OLPC is a good example of the latter.  I have some 

At some level, it's only fun if we make a more private group with some 
kind of membership agreement so that we can get serious about sweet 
ideas.  Our various employment could make this problematic, although 
there are ways to deal with that.  I've been trying to pioneer an 
arrangement that balances and clarifies the non-employee innovation 
while in a corporate arrangement, but as you might guess it's slow going 
with people who don't get it.


Tom Higgins wrote:
> Ok, so in hopes to move the debate off this fetid ground of rehash and
> rebuttheads....
> What about a fork project.....
> come on folks, something that will change the world, straighten out
> flares, keep our floors clean and free of grime....
> something that will shake the very foundations of  this silly bitty
> world and cause a mass flood of thought and open mindedness such that
> you could feel the dust surrounding you.
> and yea, evil intentions and good will implications.
> come on folks, lets put some of this verbosity and dunkum thinkum into
> something ....fun..for lack of a better word.
> -tom(knowing full well this will somehow turn into a thread on cold
> hearted unbelievers and the righteously faithfull but wishing beyond
> wish it could blossom into something other, or at least turn that into
> something more fun)higgins
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