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Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> on Sat Dec 22 11:18:49 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 10:11:17AM -0800, Tom Higgins wrote:

> If your not already changing the wordl there is no time like the now
> to try it out and see if you like it, and even if you are, changing it
> some more cant be all that bad.

Sure, if you don't have to get the bills paid, changing the world
is a piece of cake. Apart from free time (as in: not having to have
to pay the bills, which means having fuck-you money) money is usually 
coming quite handy.

The entry ticket threshold for world change wannabees (not mere bit 
wankery) is about two-digit megabuck, a mere chump change. Most real
projects these days take more, quite a lot more. 
> And ys for the naysayers lets get it all out .. Its all been done
> before...Bigger and better are doing X so why even try...What and give
> it away????? .... This is stupid and what you need to do is sit around
> and add to the bemoaning choir.....

Most of us here have plans in the drawer, which only need 5-10 years and
abovementioned megabuck budgets. Please don't yank our collective chains.
> Now as to what now....If you look around in this wide world there are
> people who have found the holes in the mesh of doing..Jimmy Carter
> comes to mind but for a moment I would not say a first Project Fork
> could hit on something like clean water..too big for a first group
> uplift.

How about oil from single-cell algae. It's reasonably cheap as entry 
world-chaning does, a couple megabucks would bring you into break-even 
country (or demonstrate a failure, which is much easier). I've actually
looked into this to some detail, and can dump all that infor to any party
which genuinely would attempt to do that. 
> I harken back to Do What You Know(now) and seem to think we have many
> neurons firing on things like microformats, interface ideology, code
> bumming as defence against the dark arts, group building and
> utilization of information flows to create utility to mr and mrs
> online and all the ships at sea.

Ah, bit wankery. Thought so.
>  But with a twist. Think of dimensional twists, bringing the cspace to
> meatspace, showing folks how to see their daemons.
> Just a thought, half formed on a Saturday where in I got the chance to
> sleep in late...such a rarity that those without kiddlings may not
> realize is a truly precious act.


And this is why humanity is doomed. 

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