[FoRK] ProjectFork

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat Dec 22 21:09:00 PST 2007

I have much love for Freegeek, that the PTP did not somehow mesh with
them more is still somewhat of a quandary to me.  As the PTP is now in
a bit of a funk/lull I wonder if it might be time to knock on those
thoughts again; not to say a merger or the like but more of a
cooperative working relationship. Oso has had some amazing pull to
keep FG going all these years, the PTP could pick up a few pointers at
the very least.

The two orgs have very different working styles but synergisticly, as
you say, they would be better off for the rubbing of shoulders and
work forces.

Portland is amazing for these types of mindsets though. Lots of
fertile ground in the non traditional   non VC sort of way, which is
to say less funded with cash and more funded with intent. Both have
their place and a little schemer of one in the other, well balance and
all that.

The beer is decidedly much better here though than the valley, I dare
anyone to top Hair Of The Dog

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