[FoRK] VLC Winamp Skins

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu Dec 27 22:17:03 PST 2007

Speaking to the VLC thoughts written here not too long ago.

"Lifehacker reader Bruno writes in with a tip that should give both
fans of the old-style Winamp (a.k.a. Winamp Classic) and critics of
the cross-platform VLC Media Player's somewhat plain looks a little
thrill—VLC can use Winamp Classic skins as its interface. That means
the thousands of styles available at Winamps Classic's official site
and elsewhere can be put to good use on modern systems. To change
VLC's skin, load the program, hit the "Settings" menu, select "Switch
interface" and then "Skins 2." Once the modern-looking skin loads, you
can right-click on blank space, choose "Select skin" and see how the
player works and acts with a Winamp Classic skin. If you want to keep
the skin, head for the Interface->Main interfaces->Skins dialog in
VLC's preferences and make sure "Advanced options" is checked."



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