[FoRK] materialism

Lucas Gonze <lucas.gonze at gmail.com> on Sat Dec 29 09:13:02 PST 2007

Lately I have stopped saying that I am an atheist.  Instead I am
saying that I am a materialist.

I like this because it rejects all kinds of mysticism, not just the
mega religions.  This is good because private beliefs in informal
magic are more common among my peers than active belief in
Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

It's a positive statement of what I believe, as opposed to a void of
what I don't believe, and it's easy to explain: I believe in the real
world.  I believe that the world in front of us is really there.  I
don't believe in anything which contradicts the real world.  I believe
in things which can be investigated.

It takes control of the terms of the conversation.  "Atheism" is like
satanism in that it accepts religion as the baseline.  But satanism
has no meaning outside of Christianity, while atheism is a rejection
of all mysticism and is the same thing in any context.  Not-Islamic
atheism is the same thing as not-Judaic atheism.

Sorry to continue the endless conversation on religion and atheism,
which I think most people here want to leave behind.  I didn't
participate much at the time, and this is the result of thinking about
it for a while.

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