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Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat Dec 29 12:20:00 PST 2007

On Dec 29, 2007 10:05 AM, Dr. Ernie Prabhakar
<drernie at radicalcentrism.org> wrote:
>  Could
> you perhaps elaborate a bit more?  For example, do you also consider
> belief in things like "love" and "beauty" aspects of mysticism? Or do
> you have a way to define so-called "transcendent" values in material
> terms?

Correct me if  I am wrong on this Lucas, but for a materialist( or
whatever term you use (I kind of like rationalist though even that has
connotations the verbal pugilist can have at to deconstruct what you
hold so that what you are left with is caving into their sacred cow
ology or getting that sad little smile of "oh you poor unsaved slob")
(hmm maybe the term resonalist?)) there is no transcendence, there is
only uncovering more real things we did not know how to describe

Or to put another way, its all out there to be discovered, we are just
doing it in bits and starts such that what we have not come across can
be supposed in theory, even formalized in the foundations of what we
have come across before, but when it is finally discovered to be as it
is itself then there will be a time to hold the theory and formalized
though on it against the thing in itself and the corrections happen.
OF course there is always the new being created all around us, but
happening not from the moving finger of an invisible sky monster but
rather by the foundations of that which is/was.

Which differs from the purely religious system of divine dogma
supported by inquisition of heretical thought/fatwas against the
heretics often followed by a tipping point where a new revelation is
proclaimed or the revisionists simply change things and say thats how
it always was. Examples include the shape of the earth, the make up of
the solar system, the practice of human slavery, the brutal execution
of homosexuals, the prosecution of the practice of non formalized
medicines, genital mutilation, etc etc etc.

As to the term materialist, yeah the true believers  will have a
linguist field day with it. "See, they are cold hearted soulless
creatures who value things over heart, they have no love in them, we
are the only ones who can speak to heart and love for we are not of
their crass materialism, we are of the love of the all and of the
creator's heart"

And on they march....ratatat tat ..and you are either with them or
against them, you either believe or at best you get the sad smile of
condescending pity and at worst you get the full love of their just
god of peace in the shape of a bullet or a blade or a car bomb.

Try as they might to paint over that vulgar picture with good deed,
self serving platitudes or whatever is the new PR spin, thats what you
find when you look under the hood, a great reason why looking under
the hood is a no no in most of the bigger institutionalized
religions....its scary down there.

Love, beauty and the like are not the captives of some imaginary sky
god and its millions and millions of sheeple, much as they would love
to claim monopolistic control of them.

-tom(we all know it was all created by the fsm anyway, please disprove
if you do not agree)higgins

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