[FoRK] "Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep"

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat Dec 29 17:42:12 PST 2007

Having kids has turned me from a sleep hater to a sleep lover, though
I still get my best focus on in the dark hours of the night.

I now look forward to queuing up some Jean Shepherd or Goon Shows and
drifting off to slumber.

Not that this happens all too often in so much that the 2 year old has
been coughing along with the season and the 5 year old goes through
bouts of wanting to not sleep alone. I told him one sleepless late
night  he needed to get a girlfriend to cuddle with, to which he has
responded by asking all the friends of our 13 year old to come hang
out in his King Sized Bed...and oh how the hilarity ensues. A 5 year
old with a king sized bed is bad enough (long story) but one that then
asks the girlies to come hang out with him in said bed...yeah.

Two physical item that have helped me sleep better.. The first was
.being diagnosed with sleep apnea and getting a cpap . The second is a
Sleep Number bed,,a luxury item I never thought I would ever even
dream to buy but now that I have slept in it for a good number of
months I count on every night to make my bulk less an issue in getting
to sleep.

How to stay awake all night without chems is easy, have kids. Sleeping
well with kids, now thats a Nobel waiting to be had.


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