RE: [FoRK] Just fucking build it!™

Justin Mason <jm at> on Thu Jan 10 02:09:22 PST 2008

Russell Turpin writes:
> eff Bone:
> > PS - a now, what, 20-odd year vi man, and over the 40 hump, my New
> > Year's resolution is... drum roll... learn emacs! ;-) Whee! 
> Jeff, for your own good, back away from the keyboard. Emacs is a 
> passable text editor for people like me, who just want to get the 
> fuckin' job done, and don't care which variety of Emacs we are using,
> and are happy to pick up a macro file for programming language du 
> jour from someone else. 
> But see -- you're not like that. You're going to try to learn Emacs.
> To know its ins and outs. To grok it. 
> And that's a rabbit hole into which you don't want to jump. 

yeah -- I suggest taking up Nethack instead ;)


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