[FoRK] Walking While Working

Jeffrey Kay <jeff at jeffreykay.com> on Mon Feb 4 13:40:46 PST 2008

LOL -- haven't seen the game.  I imagine that's what I look like trotting on
this.  Levine suggests that 1 mph = 100 cal/hr which is a pretty good rate.
I imagine that my average day will be half on the treadmill (the other half
in meetings), so I'm having ice cream tonight :-) 

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This reminds me...

Have you seen that typing game "Typing of the Dead"? The graphics show
the characters running around the city with keyboards strapped to
their chests as they kill zombies by typing...

So if you put the treadmill to go faster, then it would be like a low
tech wii, or something...

It's a great game, very motivating, but my husband thinks my son is
still not quite old enough for it. :(

On Feb 4, 2008 10:23 AM, Jeffrey Kay <jeff at jeffreykay.com> wrote:
> My typing is actually very smooth while walking.
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