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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue Feb 5 20:58:06 PST 2008

Jeff Bone wrote:
> ...
> I'm hip to that.
> I don't, for example, buy into the argument that individuals should be 
> able to own nuclear weapons.  (To pick an example not at random...)
> jb
Crap, how are we ever going to instantiate one of the main plot devices 
in Snow Crash?
Well, I guess the point of that case is that nobody was allowing him to 
own it, he just did and taking it away was problematic.  Sort of a catch 

> One pound of completely fissioned uranium has the fuel value of over 
> 1500 tons of coal.
3 million times the energy density...

I never had a number in mind before.
Now if I just had a ratio of impact of burning that coal vs. overhead 
and storage of uranium byproducts.


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