[FoRK] "Super Tuesday" only "semi-great," Texans claim

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Tue Feb 5 22:21:33 PST 2008

But enough about politics...  ;-)

You know, the further we get into this thing the more disenchanted I  
become with ALL of the candidates.  I've even been questioning my  
"maximize schadenfreude for the wingnuts" Dem-support strategy.  The  
more of John F. X. Luther King, Jr. --- I mean, Obama --- the more of  
his vacuous rhetoric I hear, the less optimistic I am.  Anybody will  
be an improvement over the present Simian and Chief.  But, yuck.  And  
(as pointed out on wingnut radio today) his whole "New Direction"  
thing is perhaps just as frightening a "signifier" to a fringe "left"  
element as e.g. Bush's peculiar lexicon, Huckabee and Giuliani's red- 
sweater Christmas ads, etc. are to the fringe right.  ("New  
Directions" is the name of an old-school American communist  
propaganda rag...)

And the right side's no better.  McCain basically sold any integrity  
he had -- whatever that might have been -- years ago, but the sell- 
out process just continues in public.  The far-right hates him almost  
as much as Hillary, which IMHO constitutes a reasonable endorsement  
for any of them to some degree, but...

WTF, huh?

Ugh.  Still anxiously awaiting 01.20.09, but with decreasing  


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