[FoRK] You already had Applebee's

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Wed Feb 6 13:55:04 PST 2008

On Feb 6, 2008, at 3:48 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> ...

BTW, what I really favor -wrt- these "just bar" bars is allowing the  
owner to make the call.

Before widespread prohibition of smoking in bars, the market was  
allowed to decide.  And there was no shortage of places that opted to  
be non-smoking.  You didn't see smokers all up and arms about that,  

The problem, see, is that all the cool bars were the ones that  
allowed smoking.  And the prohibitionists --- the ones making the  
stand based on personal aesthetics and feeling of entitlement rather  
than public health --- stamped their feet and threw little tantrums  
and said "I want to go to the cool places where all the cool kids go,  
but the cool kids are nasty smelly smokers so let's make them stop."

Hey, fucking stop whining.  You can't become part of the cool crowd  
by imposing your uncool on it.

And you already had Applebee's.


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