[FoRK] Welcome to the American Totality. You've been warned.

Lawnun <lawnun at gmail.com> on Wed Feb 6 16:14:56 PST 2008

> In these scenarios we as a society generally find ourselves having to
> impose the brute force rote of absolute prohibitionist law simply
> because of the actions of lawyers further down the food chain who, on
> behalf of their clients, will ask:  "was consent informed?" or "what
> is the definition of coercion?"

Ah, blaming the lawyers.  While I'll not actually endeavor to defend
lawyers, in order to pursue an action, its important for us all to remember
that the lawyers must first obtain a willing client. And, excepting the
suits that stem from potential Darwin Award finalists, usually the
all-too-willing client just happens to be the same brilliant idiot who now
finds that suffering for his initial stupid act is pretty lousy.

In my opinion, a simple rule to attorneys making it a disbarable offense to
take on self-inflicted idiots who either can't, or won't adhere to the tried
and true logic of caveat emptor would go a helluva lot farther to solving
this issue, than the reams of rules on the books designed to proscribe
stupidity in the first place.

In short, I propose properly blaming the clients, but making it economically
unprofitable for the lawyers. Problem solved!


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