[FoRK] Market speculator dot com translated into English

Rob Harley <robert.harley at gmail.com> on Thu Feb 7 08:45:11 PST 2008

>Bulls took charge staging a nice run in the early part of the session.

The stockmarket went up a bit in the morning.

>It looked like the market was going to overcome some mighty odds and break

If it kept going the way it was going it could have kept going up.

>However, by mid day stocks began to turn weak and lacked the proper support
to continue the intraday uptrend.

But it didn't.

>Like we saw on Tuesday stocks were sold hard and fast into the close.

It went down later.
Same as yesterday.

>The overall trend continues to be down and it looks like the very short
term trend has no shifted to the downside.

Overall it went down.
If it keeps going the way it's going it could keep going down.

Glad to be of service,
  Rob .

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