[FoRK] Arc, arc, arc.

rst at ai.mit.edu <rst at ai.mit.edu> on Thu Feb 7 12:54:50 PST 2008

Jeff Bone writes:
 > The Seaside example is an *answer to the Arc challenge.*
 > The Javascript thing is an *entire Arc interpreter implementation.*
 > But you couldn't run Paul Graham's Arc solution to the Arc Challenge  
 > on the Javascript Arc interpreter because it doesn't have the  
 > underlying Scheme web app server framework / runtime.  My point:   
 > even Paul's attempt to definitively demonstrate the power of Arc has  
 > everything to do with the power of the underlying Scheme distribution  
 > and little to do with any syntactic compression in Arc itself.

In which case, one might reasonably claim that it *isn't* a full Arc
implementation --- because Graham insists that the web service stuff
is an integral part of the language, and not a separate library.

At least when the wind is southerly.  Who knows, when it blows
north north west?

But yeah, there is a difference.


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