[FoRK] Arc, arc, arc.

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Thu Feb 7 19:07:45 PST 2008

rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:
> Jeff Bone writes:
>  > The Seaside example is an *answer to the Arc challenge.*
>  > 
>  > The Javascript thing is an *entire Arc interpreter implementation.*
>  > 
>  > But you couldn't run Paul Graham's Arc solution to the Arc Challenge  
>  > on the Javascript Arc interpreter because it doesn't have the  
>  > underlying Scheme web app server framework / runtime.  My point:   
>  > even Paul's attempt to definitively demonstrate the power of Arc has  
>  > everything to do with the power of the underlying Scheme distribution  
>  > and little to do with any syntactic compression in Arc itself.
> In which case, one might reasonably claim that it *isn't* a full Arc
> implementation --- because Graham insists that the web service stuff
> is an integral part of the language, and not a separate library.
Well, as a timeless language with everything in it, it had better also 
have CORBA, onc-rpc, BEEP, and every other intercommunication mechanism, 
including the replacement for web services...

SOAP/Web services has taught us some things, and it hasn't all been 
positive.  It is just another stepping stone, regardless of what 
Microsoft and IBM try to get you to believe.
> At least when the wind is southerly.  Who knows, when it blows
> north north west?
> But yeah, there is a difference.
> rst
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