[FoRK] Fighting the last war, or, presenting the Erlang Challenge

Joe Barrera <joe-ml at barrera.org> on Fri Feb 8 11:39:12 PST 2008

Jeff Bone wrote:

 > In case you haven't been following this soap opera, last week Paul
 > Graham released a thin veneer over MzScheme and claimed it was the
 > long-promised Arc, The Hundred Year Language, the Lisp to end all
 > Lisps (especially for developing Web apps.)

Does it vaporize Nazis?

 > In response to numerous
 > criticisms, he offered up "The Arc Challenge" --- a sample web app in
 > 5 lines of Arc, with the challenge "do this in fewer lines in some
 > other language."

(1) Shit -- where's my web-enabled APL? I can totally do this
(2) How long can my lines be?

- Joe

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