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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Sun Feb 10 12:02:26 PST 2008

Interesting, although my method runs at up to about 2000 pages per hour, 
mostly unattended rather than having to do something physical every 2 
pages.  Of course, I destroy the binding, but usually with an electronic 
version, I don't care much for the original anyway.

A few months ago, I was just thinking that I needed software to easily 
dewarp images of things that I 'scan' with my cameras, which I've been 
doing for over 5 years now.  These guys have a package and my favorite 
scanner software also has that capability now.


Ken Meltsner wrote:
> Google Ads showed me this one:
> http://booksnap.atiz.com/
> Software + cradle + cameras = fast book scanner (500-1000 pages per
> hour claimed).
> I did some math -- it's a feasible approach since your typical US
> letter page has about 4M pixels at 200 dpi resolution; given that
> consumer cameras (< $150)  are now shipping with 7 megapixel sensors,
> there are definitely enough bits.
> The only part that scares me is that they ask you to "request a quote"
> instead of listing a price.  My guess is that it's probably in the
> vicinity of a kilobuck (+/- 50%), but that's just based on the cost of
> two good digital cameras and a decent copy stand with lights.
> Not as fast as a good automatic flat bed scanner, but less destructive.
> There's custom software to correct the images; a version of the
> software is also available standalone for cleaning up snapshots of
> whiteboards, etc.
> Ken Meltsner
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