[FoRK] Re: MacBook Air, week 4

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu Mar 6 21:31:33 PST 2008

On Mar 6, 2008, at 6:01 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> I got one of the first MacBook Airs to roll out, and have been  
> living with it as my "only machine" for almost a month.  (I have a  
> desktop at work with two monitors attached, but it is used as a  
> "read-mostly" box --- it just runs market monitoring tools for the  
> most part, doesn't have a keyboard or mouse attached, I drive it  
> from the laptop's keyboard and touch pad via the wonderful Teleport  
> [1] tool.)

[1] http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/

(Mentioned here before...)

(Grr, need to set up a rule to check my outbounds to see if I've  
annotated something without the corresponding link...)


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