[FoRK] $100M for iPhone Developers

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Mar 7 07:42:35 PST 2008

I think this will have legs, and arms even. The trends of people
wanting to be sold software/hardware/lifestyle choices from an
approved authority seems on the up tick. Homogenization seemingly
breeds a familiarity that allows folks to not stress about knowing or
caring , beyond a superficial marketing factoid sort of way, about
what they are being told to use.

You are using what all the other Alphas/Betas/.../Gammas are using, no
chance in getting it wrong.Phew

The iTouch/iPhone ("newtons revenge...now its personal") is a
fantastic example of this. Even with  jailbreaks and what not it is
still the device to see and be seen with, the badge , as it were, of

Palm tried to do the software store on its users. I know of only a few
who have used it. On my Lifedrive I have maybe 3 or so apps I had to
purchase (quicknews, ptunes, and a go client that supports playing on
various go servers (not that I get to do that much of late). Even
these I did not buy form the official Palm store but rather via the
app makers themselves.  The other apps I uses daily, like the divx
player app , book/doc reader and tjep writer, were all found on an
open source palm site.

A side question, how many stickers/dodads/personalization items
decorate your laptop?

-tom(insert Network rant about the one world order delivered by Ned
Beaty here)higgins

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