[FoRK] More iPhone analysis

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Sat Mar 8 05:13:06 PST 2008

I wrote:

> Does that make us "sheeple?"  I don't think so.  It's merely a  
> practical choice;

BTW, Tom, it might amuse you to know (in case I haven't related this  
anecdote) that when I made my move to Mac back in late '01 the  
original intent was to run Yellow Dog Linux on the (lightly) used  
Titanium G4 15" that I picked up.  I figured Apple made some great  
hardware, but I'd been using desktop Linux for a while and needed a  
laptop as we were gearing up to go on the road to raise money for  
Deepfile.  Didn't intend to run OS X at all, but repartitioned the  
drive and reinstalled it just to play around with it a bit.  I set the  
machine up to dual-boot, made my sysadmin todo list of things I needed  
to set up, configure, etc. on Yellow Dog.  A month later the list was  
no shorter --- perhaps even longer --- than it was initially.   
Meantime I'd found myself booting into OS X more and more frequently.   
Finally I gave up on Yellow Dog, wiped the drive of it --- and have  
never looked back.

Worked for me, YMMV.*


* as mentioned, for compute cluster / server use, it's a different  
story.  apt-get install everything-i-need, baby.

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