[FoRK] More iPhone analysis

paul <paul at remsset.com> on Sun Mar 9 17:47:32 PDT 2008

Linux is not ready for prime time.  Well, Ubuntu isn't ready.

But when Ubuntu crashes and comes back at 640x480x16, Goggling for a fix 
gets a lot of trash...  but fdisk always works.

I don't have time to screw with it when it breaks.  I have some bullshit 
happening in my life called "work".  It pays the bills.  As much as I 
want a Ubuntu box, getting file sharing to work is a pain in the ass. 
And what's with the having to login to look at the other hard drive ON 

Why should I find the time when XP "just works"?

Hell, Win98SE "just works".



    Knowledge is power.  Power corrupts.
    Study hard.  Be evil.

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