[FoRK] $30B a bargain for what it looks set to achieve?

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Tue Mar 18 23:06:09 PDT 2008

Jeff Bone wrote on 3/18/2008 7:46 PM:
> Tangent:  billion is the new million.
> PS, Beberg --- doesn't look as though Road Warrior's actually going to 
> go down on this one. ;-)

No worries, we have another 500+ Trillion to go :) Almost every other 
commercial bank in the country is technically bankrupt right now too.

This all just had to wait until the billions in bonuses were paid out. 
Now all the execs have raided what was left and are walk/running away rich.

Adam L. Beberg

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