[FoRK] Re: Freakin' California...

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> on Fri Mar 21 13:03:19 PDT 2008

> get your own blog instead of using FoRK?

Darn.  And here I was, hoping that in several months, I might pick up  
the VOIDposting where Rohit left off.

6 months is even more reasonable after one considers that a physical 
[0] court appearance isn't required.  I think I've easily made a  
handful of appearances in California courts over the past year,  
despite never having been within 10'000 km[1] of that state during  
this period.


[0] where jurisdiction is an issue, it's especially important to only  
make logical appearances; common law has terms of art for this  
[1] it could be that Someone on the Internet is Wrong, but I'm  
guessing this is true even with spherical trig.  Besides, the  
parabolic trajectory should be far more interesting than the chord,  
especially considering that one certainly can't get any S-waves to  
Los Angeles from here, and even P-waves would be unlikely.

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