[FoRK] And while I'm at it...

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Fri Mar 21 19:35:56 PDT 2008

J B >
> I don't think I've mentioned how I feel about mules (the shoe) on men  
> for, oh, at least five years.  Need I repeat myself?

Feet and tongue are the body's always-on heatsinks, and mule style shoes  
ambition to slug along greasing a fiddly trail.

> But there's another pathological meme running around in the world of  
> men's footwear these days that bothers me even more.

Zappos sells what AMD doesn't harvest.  Fairstitch is identifiably good,  
and Too Much is the Trivial Americanization of it.  Stacy Adams (Ving  
Rhames; Predator gatling-gun guy, model for 'em....) have some color, but  
no cush.  So if you're looking at size infant 000 images of shoes on  
Zappos, all $400....

> toes that point straight up at the ceiling.  I'd understand if this were  
> a true "cultural" difference, like, if he was a Sufi or something.

Shoes designed to -thwart- airport security or hold >>3oz. shampoo.   
Excess popularity is listed on ASX now, you see....
> But no.  These are high-dollar alligator-and-panda skinned girly  
> monstrosities that have probably been lined with the scrotii (?) of baby  
> seals.  What the fuck, dude?  When did *THIS* abomination sweep through  
> the ambiguously-gay GQ crowd?

Lizard shortage; b0rked wetlands, slowed weather circlation.
That or Cht'ulhu in Mario Brawl (Wii) being a cospre party game of some  
Maybe there's a snap-on sole to golf in them.

> Sheesh...

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