[FoRK] Freakin' California...

Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Sun Mar 23 15:42:28 PDT 2008

Outside of teenagers, I've seen exactly none of that in Silicon Valley 
so far.

I'm sure the pot thing happens privately, but it's not a public event 
like it was (is?) in Berkeley, SF, etc.  Oakland, that's a whole 
different thing.

And as for commuting, I could hardly ask for better unless I was working 
at home again.  I planned it that way, but still, once you learn the 
quirks of the roads and highways, it is very quick to get around.  Just 
for getting to the other side of this little berg, I have highways at 1 
block, 3 blocks, and 1 mile away depending on which way I'm going.

And the farmer's market this morning was amazing in a number of ways.  I 
didn't go for mixed greens with edible flowers, but superb strawberries 
for $2.10/pint?  Fresh fish, flowers, bread, ...


Jeff Bone wrote:
> On Mar 20, 2008, at 3:26 PM, Bill Humphries wrote:
>> Jesus on a pogo stick Bone, you're sounding like a Live Journal drama 
>> queen these days.
> I don't necessarily have any truck with people who (over-) partake of 
> the evil weed, but I don't have much use for them either.  Literally;  
> in my experience people who toke up on a regular basis are generally 
> fairly useless.  I'm all for legalizing drugs, but by the same token, 
> stoned idiots are an impediment to getting things done.  I live 7 
> miles from my office;  it takes me 7 minutes to get to my office 
> building in traffic, and then another 30 minutes to get parked and
> ...
> I mean, really.
>> -- whump
> Indeed.
> jb

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