[FoRK] four-core intercooled metonymy

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> on Mon Mar 24 02:20:14 PDT 2008

Lawvere and Schanuel, in discussing isomorphisms as divisors, point  
out that there are several maps in a movie:

names of characters -> characters on screen
characters on screen -> actors in film
actors in film -> professional names of cast

and add that:

> an unfortunate recent practice is to show you at the end of the  
> film only the composite of these three isomorphisms, called 'cast  
> of characters'

Having had the misfortune to see "The Fast and the Furious", I must  
remark that it also contains some category theoretical content, for,  
at the end of that film, they add another link to the chain of  
isomorphisms, displaying only the map:

cars driven by characters -> professional names of cast


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