[FoRK] four-core intercooled metonymy

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Mon Mar 24 23:16:38 PDT 2008

> Lawvere and Schanuel, in discussing isomorphisms as divisors, point out  
> that there are several maps in a movie:
> names of characters -> characters on screen
Go go! Feckless Man!  Burn Brightly! Cede not to Key Audio Grip!
> characters on screen -> actors in film
Camera Grip Behind Blind in Fire Scene: Gal we paid $20 to do that.
> actors in film -> professional names of cast
See, now you're getting into one of those things where 10 years from now  
nobody will believe the actors weren't themselves duplicated in copies of  
the film, or parted to a group of copies.

...and for Best Temporal Imposition of Piecewise Character Continuity over  
a Stein-DeNiro Lemma;

>> an unfortunate recent practice is to show you at the end of the film  
>> only the composite of these three isomorphisms, called 'cast of  
>> characters'
> Having had the misfortune to see "The Fast and the Furious", I must  
> remark that it also contains some category theoretical content, for, at  
> the end of that film, they add another link to the chain of  
> isomorphisms, displaying only the map:
> cars driven by characters -> professional names of cast

This Turing Machine is not amused.  Move along the New Night Rider line,  

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