[FoRK] Email vs. Wiki as collaborative media

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Mar 28 10:08:05 PDT 2008

Wikis are part way there, RSS et al is part way there, IM/presence is 
part of the puzzle, shared / screencast apps are part of it, RIA, 3D 
desktop capabilities, mashups, etc. are becoming available, and email 
still has it's use.
Convincing people that Wikis can replace email / Word and that 
spreadsheets.google.com (and a free Wiki replacement better than TWiki 
tables/formulas, anyone??) can replace email / Excel are good progress.
We still are a long way from a real solution, although it is starting to 
become more obvious.

I have just enough coordination of various types in various venues with 
different types of people, and access and views into much worse 
problems, that I have been feeling the communication / knowledge 
sharing/production/management problem acutely for years, as have many of 
you I'm sure. I'm heavily dissatisfied, have been looking at everyone's 
solutions, and that is leading to many solution ideas lately, finally.


Jeffrey Winter wrote:
>> This picture about sums it up:
> Clever, but the diagram on the right doesn't show any mechanism for
> signalling that an update has been made.
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