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il-young son <il.young.son at gmail.com> on Fri Mar 28 16:22:06 PDT 2008

i generally agree with this sentiment.  one thing that struck me while
hearing hedge's interview was his misunderstanding what folks like
dawkins are arguing with respect to moral systems.  or maybe he's
drawing a straw man intentionally.  it's merely the skepticism of the
idea that the development of a moral system requires something like a
religious institute to codify.  this idea is rather poorly supported,
and does nothing to explain certain fairly invariant subset of moral
codes shared by practically all religions - and for that matter most
people whether religious or not (unless they are truly sociopathic).

as for hitchens, perhaps labeling him a "neo-con" was hyperbolic, but
have you read the articles he wrote leading up to iraq war??  (or even
before then with bosnian war).  at the least, his foreign policy views
are in alignment with those of "neoconservatives".  i think he admits
this himself.  maybe you agree or disagree with his foreign policy
views (he's strongly an interventionist - which is a very prominent
attribute of those who are labeled "neoconservative") - however, his
foreign policy views are for the most part in alignment with the
so-called "neocons".   being a prominent atheist mouthpiece doesn't
exclude one having such views.  personally, i suppose i dislike that
foreign policy position but that's me.  perhaps you think otherwise,
but that has nothing to do with one being an atheist or not.

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
>  One other bit re: Hedges.  It occurs to me that even the title of his
>  book ("I Don't Believe in Atheists") underscores the massive lack of
>  understanding of the atheists' message, of the very nut of the whole
>  problem, on the part of those who would defend and apologize for the
>  evils of religion.  It is --- quite unintentionally, I'm sure --- a
>  very ironic sort of victory for the atheists in itself.
>  $0.02,
>  jb
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