[FoRK] Air cars? Please?

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Fri Mar 28 22:34:59 PDT 2008

Having a 500mph 'crunch zone' means never having to worry about keeping  
the good stuff cased up in a 'trunk.'  Having it do shipping for you on  
the side would explain/pay parking.

Pad parking is like $700 worth of tar junk, plus some labor extras.   
Underground gets rated $29k a pad.  I wish I could sort out that  
difference; seems like you'd save on tar even if the cistern below the  
cars is hard to isolate.

Car engines wouldn't catch fire; but the cheap neutron spectrometers and  
brake turbines sometimes need replacing.

C'mon, you know you want the Beta-type license...880km/h in rural (Deer in  
the headlights?  You can -still- honk in time with this car! ....)  No  
need for the insurance from the sub 7m/s days.

Rocket Hotels.
Nanite labor; being 18 solar revolutions old; pet-friendly; problem  
celestial maps; strategy writ in designer features and space/horror fun.

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