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Mark Neely <mpn at infolution.com.au> on Sun Mar 30 13:45:39 PDT 2008


I live in Sydney, quite close to the city, and got to see the skyline
(mostly) turn off.

I agree with the sentiment below about all the addiional candles offsetting
the carbon savings...but it gets worse.

At the end of the designated hour, there was a massive fireworks display in
the city to celebrate Earth Hour.

I just cannot get my head around that one!


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 From an economist acquaintance of mine in Australia:


Starry Starry Night

by Andrew Leigh
8pm last night featured a conversation in our house that may have resonated

	Spouse: OK, 8pm, time to turn off the lights and put on candles.

	Me: But we have energy-saving bulbs, so surely the candles produce
more carbon than the electricity used to power our light globes?

	Spouse: But it's about making a statement.

	Me: What kind of a statement is it if you increase your carbon use?

	Spouse: Look at our street - everyone else is doing it.

	Me: Shall we turn off our fridge too?

	Spouse: Just light the candles.

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