[FoRK] Earth Hour

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Sun Mar 30 17:08:00 PDT 2008

What is this candle junk?  I light the pitch/coke vats on the top  
...the WWF site featured only a link to a Harper's Magazine spread flaming  
Google for a hydro-power plant and a mailing list gadget anyhow.  Are they  
hard-pressed to keep the tigers in the park or something?  Transitioning  
to old-growth forest + underground parking properties?

According to Engineering TV (really http://chemistry.njit.edu/ ; and  
really Wei-Yim's ol' buckyballs-on-carbon-nanotubes-as-metallization +  
any-donor-species-you-like) I shall have to have pitch vats tuned for  
passivation, metallization, P+ layer; invert, rinse,  
(boundary-passivation,) repeat.

'You were -looking- for a smoking shell?' (via FARK.com)

> At least we're voluntarily paying an extra 5% or so to subsidize wind  
> power for 'our' use...)
Cisterns full of electric eels and hovering whirlwind-shrouded city-states  
(Laputa?) for me.  It was a write-in.

> I made that decision as well. Wind and solar. Now if I could just figure  
> out
> the natural gas and fossil fuel car.
You mean the refueling station with net heat- and carbon- fixing?  eFay an  
old Gundam X.

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