[FoRK] At the risk of inflaming JB and others ...

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> on Sun Mar 30 19:26:42 PDT 2008

> But yes, at the end of the day the neo-cons are utopians.  American
> hegemony - because that's the shortest path to a perfect world.

Well, they didn't have much trouble selling their utopia.  I used to  
think "you can't make omelets without breaking some eggs" was a Lenin  
quote, but have recently learned it's been attributed to M ("no one  
likes armed missionaries") Robespierre as well: "On ne saurait faire  
une omelette sans casser des oeufs".  It seems that revolutionaries  
share with Bourbons a propensity for learning nothing while  
forgetting nothing.


:: :: ::

(having been in the neighborhood of Verdun around the time of Lazare  
Ponticelli's funeral I must observe that the region is chock full of  
monuments -- monuments, ultimately, to human stupidity)

speaking of remembrance:

 > 0]. Countries should go to war if:
 > a. they have been attacked
 > b. they know an attack is imminent
 > c. the balance of power is threatened
 > d. the balance of power appears to be threatened
 > e. the ends justify the means
 > f. possible gains outweigh possible losses
 > g. honor demands it
 > h. their military has a plan, and their diplomats do not
 > i. the logistics of mobilization demand it
 > j. at all possible

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