[FoRK] Open source PowerShell clone available

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Tue Apr 8 18:55:41 PDT 2008

On Apr 8, 2008, at 4:25 PM, Simon Wistow wrote:

> As an aside I have real problems working with Python (and I've written
> some mildly large and complicated programs in it). This is not bash
> against Python but an anecdotal piece of evidence. I'm told that I  
> have
> a very mild form of dyslexia (or similar) which manifests itself as a
> problem with pattern recognition. This normally isn't a problem but,
> when I'm tired, I can't read Python. Again, maybe it's a familiarity
> thing but I find that the lack of sigils and braces causes a problem
> trying to follow flow. As a corollary however I actually also have a
> problem reading strangely formatted English or text with no  
> punctuation
> when I'm tired as well.

Not to bash you either, I recognize that the argument you've made  
echoes the feelings of lots of working programmers out there, but...   
IMHO, that use of symbols actually obscures readability, it's just  
that a generation of programmers have grown up using that crutch.   
That sort of syntax doesn't scale well, either;  it's generally only  
useful in a context where there's a relative paucity of primitive  
types, and little use of user-defined types (or objects.)

OTOH, I'm a big fan of having literal syntax and constructors for a  
rich set of built-in data types, ala Rebol, so perhaps that undermines  
my argument somewhat.


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