[FoRK] How Barack...

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Thu Apr 17 14:10:58 PDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 4:56 PM, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
>  On Apr 17, 2008, at 3:24 PM, Luis Villa wrote:
> > ...it'll take decades to undo the damage that the Roberts court has
> already done,
> > much less what it will do with another conservative on it. Ditto the
> > damage that torture and warmongering has done to our international
> > reputation and our resultant inability to make the world a safer, more
> > rational place. Ditto the damage rampant borrow-and-spend has done to
> > our budget and economy. Ditto the damage to science done by an
> > ignorant, aggressively anti-rational leadership. Etc. Etc.
> >
>  I'm hip to all that, even if I don't agree about the time it takes to
> restore national credibility.  (It's not taken that long historically;  a
> change of administration has almost always been a partial if not full reset
> with respect to lost credibility or damaged relations.  OTOH, we are in
> uncharted territory here w/ the ill-will Bush has created.  But I still
> believe a lot of that is associated with the man and his cronies, and even
> if the GOP retains the White House the subculture that currently occupies it
> will be routed out...)
> > In a two party system you have to pick your poison; to say that taxes
> > and economic policy are somehow particularly more important or more
> > damaging in the long term than others is silly.
> >
>  I am picking my poison, and I strongly disagree with your assertion of the
> "silliness" of weighting tax and economic policies heavily.
>  Bear in mind while Obama is a wonderful anti-Bush --- HE'S NOT RUNNING
> AGAINST BUSH.  If he were, ugh.

He's running against someone who seems to sincerely believe that many
of bush's policies were the right ones, caved on the one he truly,
strongly disagreed with, and waffled on the rest. I probably would
have voted McCain in 2000 over Gore, but it has become exceedingly
clear over the past eight years that the 'maverick' stuff is pretty
nearly total bullshit. He's just as much in hock to the far, crazed
right as Bush was. That he is smart enough to know better (unlike
Bush) just makes it more repellent.


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