[FoRK] I don't think you Obama people get how serious the problem here is...

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu Apr 17 15:03:35 PDT 2008

On Apr 17, 2008, at 4:10 PM, Luis Villa wrote:
> He's running against someone who seems to sincerely believe that many
> of bush's policies were the right ones, caved on the one he truly,
> strongly disagreed with, and waffled on the rest. I probably would
> have voted McCain in 2000 over Gore, but it has become exceedingly
> clear over the past eight years that the 'maverick' stuff is pretty
> nearly total bullshit. He's just as much in hock to the far, crazed
> right as Bush was. That he is smart enough to know better (unlike
> Bush) just makes it more repellent.

I'm not a huge (or much at all a) McCain fan, and I echo the sentiment  
above almost precisely...  I'd consider not voting out of disgust, or  
consider voting third party in protest, but Obama has now in my mind  
become someone who *must be voted against* and defeated.

IMHO on the scale of evils I'll take a politician who's cut the usual  
corners and deals --- but who might, in his heart, have his principles  
in the right place --- over somebody with a thoroughly undermined  
notion of "fairness."  That's my beef with most of the garden-variety  
FDR liberals, and even moreso here now with Obama.  To have had a  
career in DC pervert some of your stated principles (as, arguably,  
McCain of late) is less evil by my way of thinking than to have stuck  
to them when they are *so wrong.*  Do you really want to trade one  
stubborn, incorrigible, and *wrong* ideologue --- for another?  One  
trifecta of Federal partisan evil --- for another?  (It's a near- 
certainty that the House and Senate will remain Dem going into the  
next presidential term.)

What Obama has stated, in essence, is that he believes it is the  
responsibility of the government to work towards equality of  
(economic, at least - what else?  the usual leftist menu?) outcome.   
That's just such a broken, nonsensical idea that I can't tolerate it.   
I don't agree with many of McCain's policy *conclusions* --- but he  
has yet to demonstrate that he's operating from fundamentally broken  

The problem is that the guy doesn't understand the concept of fair,  
and *that's dangerous in a President.*  Particularly in an eloquent  
leader, and particularly when so many Americans on all sides of the  
political compass already have a demonstrated difficulty with the  
concept, and particularly when we've already suffered a leader with a  
devotion to one form of grotesque unfairness over the last 8 years.

The same logic that says that it's not "fair" for some group of hedge  
fund managers to earn vast fortunes performing the roles they perform  
in our economy would require that I be allowed to play in the NBA,  
despite being a short, rather un-athletic white dude.  The problem  
isn't taxation per se, or 15% vs. 20% vs. 28%;  it's unreason.  It's  
the sickly-sweet stench of liberal social engineering, its underlying  
world-view - and all that implies.

I don't like any of the choices, but I cannot countenance supporting a  
man who can't understand a simple yet essential concept like  
"fairness."  I won't trade one form of thuggery for another that is  
equally despicable to me.


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