[FoRK] How Barack lost my vote forever

geege schuman <geege4 at gmail.com> on Wed Apr 23 11:37:49 PDT 2008

One wonders why she hasn't done that already, except rhetorically.  I can't
/ won't vote for anyone who pledged allegiance to the Bush war in Iraq.
That's my threshold and high water mark all in one.

On a side note, I wonder what public structure we'll name after Bush?  I'm
thinking a collapsed bridge in Minnesota or a condemned courthouse in New


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 2:16 PM, Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> > Anyway, although I believe McCain is a lot more rational, I cannot vote
> for
> > the party of theocrats.
> Theocrats, torturers, warmongers, deficit spenders, the party of the K
> Street Project, etc.
> (Not that I'm a fan of the democratic party; they are incompetent. Any
> competent party organization running against the current Republicans
> would be looking at historic Congressional majorities right now and a
> landslide presidential campaign.)
> >  I'd prefer Barack / Clinton (w/ Clinton 2 on backup / Carter mode ;-) ).
> > She's not going to turn it down.  It is her clear path to the presidency.
> She's been second fiddle in a whitehouse already; I don't think she's
> going to tolerate doing that again (not to mention she doesn't really
> help with any particular demographic except *maybe* women.) Oh, and
> after she went Rove on Obama you can bet there is no love lost for her
> in Chicago.
> That said, she'll be a fine Senate Majority leader (better than the
> spineless Reid) and I look forward to watching her stomp all over the
> bloodied remains of the assholes who have been happily standing by as
> Bush destroys the country.
> Luis
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