[FoRK] How Barack lost my vote forever

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Wed Apr 23 14:24:27 PDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 4:18 PM, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> > > And OTOOH, I'm not sure McCain really counts as a Republican.  He
> certainly
> > > didn't before right-wing media's attempt to manipulate their own primary
> > > backfired through collateral damage and left McCain the only man
> standing.
> > >
> >
> > You mean, besides campaigning for Bush repeatedly, voting for the war,
> > and for the torture, and for the spending, and stocking his campaign
> > bus with lobbyists?
> >
>  Contrast McCain 2000 with what you're describing, or McCain 2002
> (McCain-Feingold) or McCain's stance on waterboarding.

All of which he buckled under on. (The failure to stand up for himself
on waterboarding is particularly galling, as he is the one person in
America with the moral standing to challenge the war criminals who are
running the country on that issue. And he failed to.)

Look, I'm with you on 'he's a politician, they've all got warts', and
I agree with you that he's the most acceptable candidate the
Republicans could have put forward. I think at core he's actually a
decent and honorable man, which is more than I can say about Bush or
Hill. I'd actually have to seriously think about voting for him over
Hillary if it came to that, which is not something I would have said
about any other Republican candidate.

But lets not pull the wool over our eyes- he may be decent and
honorable, but on every significant issue of the past six years, when
push came to shove, he buckled under and (typically) became an active
cheerleader. 'He was a decent guy who was just following orders' only
gets you so far when we're talking about a war that has cost
trillions, killed more Americans than 9/11, killed (at a minimum) 80K
Iraqis, alienated the entire world. And that's just the war; he's
offered up only token resistance on the budget, the environment, etc.;
actively campaigned for Bush in '04, etc. (Hillary did pretty much all
these things except campaign for Bush in '04, which is part of why I'd
have to consider voting for him.) A McCain presidency will be more
reasonable than a Bush presidency, but not by much.

>  Socialism.  You may quibble, but I think this comprises an entry-level
> definition of the attitude, if not the full program.

I already said you're crazy and won't waste your time or mine on that.
Me, Barack, and Warren Buffett will go talk amongst ourselves over in
the corner.


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