[FoRK] How Barack lost my vote forever

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Wed Apr 23 15:11:21 PDT 2008

Jeff Bone:
> Generally speaking the man's a cipher...

Jeff Bone:
> Generally speaking the man's a cipher...

That seems an odd criticism of someone who wrote a couple of books
on his views, one prior to becoming a politician. There aren't many
politicians who start as authors. 

I think the fairer criticism is that his focus has not been on
economics as much as other issues, and that that is offputting to 
someone who has a strong focus on financial issues. I suspect I'll 
be disappointed in SOME of a future President Obama's economic
policies, but that the result is not going to be as radical as Jeff
fears. Yeah, there is a populist strain. But the desire for real
socialism is an extreme minority viewpoint. There is a reason that
Kucinich went down in flames. And it wasn't his wife. 

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