[FoRK] How Barack lost my vote forever

Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Wed Apr 23 21:06:42 PDT 2008

Russell Turpin wrote:
> sdw:
>> Anyway, although I believe McCain is a lot more rational, I cannot vote 
>> for the party of theocrats.
> The Republicans nominated McCain four years too late. They should 
> have nominated him in 2004, when it became clear that the 
> incumbent was a war criminal. In my view, THE chief issue in this
> election is how to undo the damage of Bush's "unitary executive."
> The damage to our Constitution. The damage government processes.
> The damage to American reputation. The damage to the nature of 
> political discussion in this nation. I still find it surreal every
> time I read a Republican defending torture. It is as if I stepped
> from a sane and civilized nation, into some weird dystopic fiction.
We, by which I mean they, hit some kind of fast slippery slope, that's 
> Obama, unsurprisingly, is the only candidate who has said much about
> this. He has said that one of his first three acts as president 
> would be to order a review of all Bush's executive orders, with the
> goal of rescinding those that are Constitutionally questionable. He 
> has said his attorney general will investigate the conduct of the
> Justice Department under Bush for criminal activity related to 
> torture policy. Taxes continually bump up and down. But what Bush 
The constant unconstitutionality has been unbelievable to me.  Bumping 
up against it once in a while in gray areas can be somewhat defensible, 
but blatantly and repeatedly ignoring clear clauses, laws, tradition, 
and plain intent of founders is clearly just about the worst thing any 
US government official can do.  Not only should those actions be 
pursued, but there should be a stream of clear headed, public, and very 
informed debates and public resolutions on even the gray areas involved 
that may not rise to a clear offense.  Even if they didn't waste the 
time and money to actually go after people, everyone involved should be 
maximally shamed for allowing such travesty.  In fact, part of the 
problem with going after people is that if they are not convicted, they 
can claim exoneration.  That clearly is not always the case.
> has done to our political process is unique in my lifetime, and it 
> needs to be unrolled as much as possible as soon as possible, before 
> its position in our political culture is fixed. That, truly, would be 
> Bush's worse, evil legacy. If Obama does those two things AND raises 
> my taxes by 5%, I'll still be pleased with my vote for him. Of course,
> if he does the latter and not the former, I'll be pissed. 
I think that there is a chance that actual, constructive plans and 
projects will be put in place that are not just a wasteful sink of 
money.  Just a small chance, but much better than the zero we've been 
living with.  Such an event would be worth paying for.  Not socialism, 
but a real group project.  Building infrastructure, research, etc.


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