[FoRK] Totally tasteless presidential candidate analysis

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu Apr 24 17:58:14 PDT 2008

(I polled a select sample of the viewing audience for guidance about  
whether this was over-the-top, but what the heck...)


Hillary pro:  presumably already through menopause and hormonally  
stabilized, so no red tide / red button worries.

Hillary con:  4+ years of the Chairman Mao pantsuit.  And Bill won't  
look good in it, either. Plus, HE may not be through menopause yet.

McCain pro:  years of legislative experience stretching back to  

McCain con:  will spend all of his time yelling for tourists to "get  
off the goddamn White House lawn!"

Obama pro:  actually considered changing his name to "Lookee Here,  
Folks, I Ain't Bush!"

Obama con:  tax-subsidized National Free Chicken and Waffles for  
Evrabody Day.


$0.02, YMMV.


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