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Rohit Khare <khare at alumni.caltech.edu> on Mon Apr 28 09:36:34 PDT 2008

Well, I'll be, he even looks all legit and everything! :)

Unfortunately, I'll still be in New York for this talk. Next week,  
well, we'll see...

Best of luck, Adam!

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> From: allison at stanford.edu
> Date: April 28, 2008 1:29:55 AM EDT
> To: khare at alumni.caltech.edu
> Subject: [EE CS Colloq] Distributed Systems * 4:15PM, Wed Apr 30,  
> 2008 in Gates B03
>              Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium
>                 4:15PM, Wednesday, Apr 30, 2008
>         HP Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B01
>                    http://ee380.stanford.edu[1]
> Topic:    Distributed Systems
>           Computation With a Million Friends (and a Few Foes)
> Speaker:  Adam L. Beberg
>           CS Department, Stanford University
> About the talk:
> The largest distributed systems involved the art of gathering
> vast amounts of computing resources from many people and
> organizations to channel them into something that is often not
> practical by other means. At the intersection of software,
> economics, and sociology, they involve both exciting technology,
> and the complexities of human motivation and interaction. While
> currently centralization and consolidation rule the buzzword
> space, distributed systems provide powerful capabilities to those
> willing to embrace the uncertainty involved. This talk will
> explore the current methods for constructing these systems, the
> 35 years of history they draw upon, and active work integrating
> massive storage and on-demand post-processing into a
> volunteer-powered system dubbed Storage at home to augment
> Folding at home.
> About the speaker:
> Adam L. Beberg has been building distributed systems since 1990.
> He founded Mithral Communications & Design in 1995, which is the
> home of the Cosm distributed computing tools. In 1997 he was a
> founder and president of distributed.net until 1999, during which
> RC5 was cracked once and DES was cracked twice - the second time
> in 22 hours with the additional help of the EFF's Deep Crack. In
> 1999 he met Vijay Pande and collaborated on Folding at home, leading
> to the use of Cosm as the network library in Folding at home. He was
> also honored as one of MIT Technology Review's TR100 top young
> innovators of 1999. He has worked and spoken extensively in the
> areas of distributed computing, storage, and computer security.
> With a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of
> Technology, he has been at Stanford since 2004 working on a PhD
> in Vijay Pande's lab working on next generation distributed
> computing methodologies, after which he will find a nice day job
> in academia and start his epic quest for tenure.
> Embedded Links:
> [ 1 ]    http://ee380.stanford.edu
> See the Colloquium website, http://ee380.stanford.edu, for scheduled
> speakers, FAQ, and additional information.  Stanford and SCPD students
> can enroll in EE380 for one unit of credit.  Anyone is welcome to  
> attend;
> talks are webcast live and archived for on-demand viewing over the  
> web.
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