[FoRK] Kindle in da house

Michael Cummins <michael at i-magery.com> on Thu May 1 19:33:01 PDT 2008

My wife was on the original waiting list, and I don't think she could ever
be without it now.

She reads twice as much.

Amazon wins; she spends twice as much in their store.  In fact, it's almost
compulsory.  When she finishes a book, she buys the next one.  

It's kind of amusing, actually, to see her get frustrated if she's somewhere
in the house that has poor reception and she can't download a new book in

-- Michael

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Was initially lukewarm on this, thought the design was a bit odd,  
finally broke down and bought one.  Review forthcoming this weekend.   
Anybody else on list blazed this trail first?


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