[FoRK] Re: Kindle first impressions

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Mon May 5 16:47:45 PDT 2008

On May 5, 2008, at 4:38 PM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> So, if I am reading this right, the Kindle is best used if you have no
> regard for the law or fear of getting caught should you happen to  
> want to
> pretend lawyers don't sue.

You missed the part where the train jumped the track.  ;-)

I've got no need to break the law w/ Kindle because it serves the  
purpose I need it to serve and justifies the price tag w/o me  
resorting to end-runs around any laws.  But if I did, well, I wouldn't  
lose too much sleep over it.

> So long as you get your bookos where and when you want them you are  
> cool
> with either ignoring the contracts your agreeing to or you are  
> activley
> breaking them...

In principle.  But the only place I need 'em is my bookcase (got that  
covered) or Kindle / Amazon library (at least at this point.)

> I then find it hard to take seriously the assertion this
> device is a good thing to invest time, content control and money into.

YMMV.  Perhaps it works better if you think of "renting" commercial  
titles for the Kindle rather than "buying" them.

> In my olden age I can see where you are coming from but also realize  
> the
> pitfalls you get into over years of doing such contortions. Better  
> to deamnd
> of your suppliers a better way of being rather than breaking bits of
> yourself to fit thier biz model.

It'll happen.  But I'm not going to deprive myself in the meantime  
waiting for it;  such change happens on longer-than-human timeframes.

> -tom(not against capitalism here, just against things working against
> me)higgins

That's just the point;  you might want to do things w/ e.g. Kindle  
content that I don't want to, but for me, it's perfectly acceptable  
from a business model perspective...  Would I prefer more flexible  
terms?  Sure.  Do I place enough importance on that to not use this  
device?  No way.  There's principles, then there's pragmatism.  I'm  
ever the pragmatist as the clock runs down... ;-) :-)


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