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Fri May 9 08:08:35 PDT 2008

A Jitterbug equivalent, which (brilliantly?) tapped a previously-dissed


May it not come to pass that YOUR adult children provide you with your very
own dumbed-down teleporter.


On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 5:14 PM, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:

> So its a devices to push ads onto the screens of folks who want the
> intertubes but not have to deal with like all that messy like comupter
> stuff
> like ewwww.
> I thouhgt  this is what apple is supposed to be for..
> Ok so this is a dumb terminal hooked to thier servers to feed you the raft
> of google apps....yeah see then there is the whole no movies no cds
> thing..hmm.
> So dumb terminal with google apps back end and ads...set top boxes are
> back?
> Wohoo welcome to 1997. Can we get a version with MS Bob on it?
> yeesh.
> Freaking heck, and emachine (about 200-300 from frys on a good week) with
> something like Gos on em (there are some set up as such from Walmart if I
> am
> not mistaken) and your don. Factor in the monehly costs of service from
> numbnuts...er nimbus...and you have hit the TCO in short order.
> Practicing what I preach I am probably goign to set up a box for my mom (67
> years old and has hardly ever touched a modern computer) with Gos on it. I
> was toying with doing a stripped down ubuntu box with lots of prisms on the
> desktop, but this might be more fun.
> Still gotta check the legals and tos on Gos.
> Now to find the time.
> -tom(- --- --)higgins
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