[FoRK] The real threat of reactionary socialism

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri May 23 12:00:07 PDT 2008

(I decided over the enforced break that I'd make another attempt to  
minimize to some degree my expressions of indignation and outrage over  
our deteriorating political situation, but this was such a jaw-dropper  
that it requires posting.)

The problem with parties is that the coevolve into increasingly- 
extreme parodies of themselves over time, cyclically, apparently  
without bound.  Whatever the evils of the Bush administration, its  
most pernicious lasting influence may be a newly-invigorated extreme  
left.  I've recently pointed out here that I'm sensing a growing  
reactionary trend among the Dems that threatens to hurl us straight  
into the arms of doomed socialism.

To support this contention, consider the following exchange yesterday  
in testimony by oil company executives before a House committee.  In  
response to pointed comments by Shell CEO John Hofmeister blaming  
Congress for restricting domestic oil exploration and drilling, CA Dem  
Maxine Waters --- admittedly, one of our Congresscritters who is only  
slightly to the right of Karl Marx, but nonetheless --- said,  

"And guess what this liberal will be all about.  This liberal will be  
all about socializi...  um... (long pause...)  basically... taking  
over and the government running all of your companies."

That's as verbatim as I can make it, transcribing from the TiVo'd  
clip.  Stunning.

It doesn't get any plainer than that, does it?  Now, I'm not  
particularly a fan of Big Oil.  But I'm not a fan of gov't "helping"  
like that, either...


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