[FoRK] EEE 701 a week or so later

Lucas Gonze lucas.gonze at gmail.com
Fri May 23 22:16:12 PDT 2008

That's a pretty sweet little number, Tom.  How's the wifi?  Is the
install good at grabbing onto any ol' access point it can?  How's the
hiberation -- does the power management do good things when you close
the lid?

Losing boot time is a hit, though, especially given that boot time is
one of the advantages of the SSD.

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 5:37 PM, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is what I have found out about myself.....much as I would like to keep
> a promise to my wife if it involves not moding gear I buy I am going to be
> breaking those promises. So it is with the EEE.
> Out of the box I was so gobsmacked that it worked, worked well, was linux
> and did all the things I could ask of it (at the time). I told my wife I
> would wait a month or so till I messed with the OS bad enough to possibly
> cause it to harf. Much to my surprise, and hers, even though I did fall off
> that wagon I did not brick the beast.
> What I have done is installed eeeubuntu (http://www.eeebuntu.org/) on it.
> After much reading and holding off I came to realize the worst I could do
> was waste an evening putting the stock xandros based image back on the ssd
> and wimpering that I messed up. Luckily for me I have some skillage left in
> the old skull and got the distro on, paving over the old one, having all the
> gear and gizmos work as it did on the stock install, moved on to turn on
> some betterments and then to get the goodies I really wanted the EEE to have
> on it from day one.
> CPU scaling, yep. Wifi, webcam, mic, all that jazz working, yep. Kismet,
> comix, fbreader, gpsdrive, cgoban, etc etc etc all up and working, yep.
> So whats the downside of running a full blown ubuntu install on the EEE?
> First off, the boot up time is not the zipflashbang inyerface ness of the
> stock install. Then again I have added in services like opensshd and avahi
> which take time to laod up. I am sure if I jimmied with the boot sequence
> and got to the desktop before everything was loaded in, or even not load all
> the services up at boot but rather make them something I would need to start
> up by hand, the boot time would go much faster.
> The other downside is the need for more ram. 512mb is fine and all but when
> you are pushing it the cry for swap is almost audible. I have priced out a
> suitable 2gb ram chip (about 55$) that will slot right into where the 512mb
> now sits with no fuss or muss, so that is going to be a near future purchase
> just as soon as I bat my lashes and ask pretty please.  With 2gb I can set
> up a swap that is not on the sd or even a ram disk (yes I do take into
> account the fact sd has a finite r/w lifetime..so easy with that axe
> Eugene..this is also where /var/idontcareaboutyoulogs will wind up i betya)
> Having ubuntu now means when I want an app I am not futzing with enabling
> then deenabling lines in my sources.lst. Not that that was a big pain in the
> ass but it was something I had to be aware of else I could fry the setup
> with a bad apt-get upgrade. This also means I am more apt to load on apps
> that I do not actually have the SD space for, so I am still trying to
> remember to stop before I go on apt-get install binges. No I do not NEED
> Westernoth on this box...ok well maybe I do but I do NOT need blender..etc
> etc I have gotten things down so that I have 1.1gb free of the 4gb of SD
> that is the internal storage. I am using a 2gb sd card as storage for music,
> movies, etc etc etc. I await the time , soon please, when 16gb sd chips come
> with a Happy Meal.
> So what am I using this thing for? Basically where ever I go, there it be.
> With the proliferation of wifi around Portland (and please do not think I
> use Metrofi, so its fall is no fall for me brotha) I can be up and online in
> a min or 2, less if I am coming out of hibernation. I also have enough
> books, music and movies on the side sd to keep me from a lack of anything to
> devour. Sure some of this I have been doing with the Palm Lifedrive, the TX
> before that and the C before that...but now its with a full desktop and a
> keyboard:)-
> On the alternative distro side front I think things are only going to get
> better for these minimes. I hear tell ubuntu has an interest in making sure
> the eee and olpc have good solid versions and I am sure others will as well.
> Bottom line... EEE 701 4g + eeeubuntu + 2g ram = OMG In My Hands 24 hour
> party tommywhore in da hizzatubesza
> -tom(and yes the new 900's have lots of extrea mem so if your going to be
> buying such as and have the extra cash look into that)higgins
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